Garden Festa with 1,100 ㎡ flowerbed begins

The large-scale flowerbed bustling with families and the like. ‘Hanafuru’ on June 25
Luxuriously decorated hanging baskets on display

One of the largest flower and greenery events in Japan, the National Urban Greening Hokkaido Fair (commonly known as Garden Festa Hokkaido 2022) began on June 25 at the Hanafuru tourist area in the city of Eniwa. Tourists have been admiring the flowerbeds and gardens decorated with approximately 200,000 flowers in total. This is the first time in 36 years that the event has been held in Hokkaido. The large 1,500 m2 flowerbed planted by local residents, and 35 gardens created by companies and organizations, were opened to the public free of charge, under clear skies.
The festival will continue until July 24, and 32 sponsor venues throughout Hokkaido, including the City of Sapporo, will also open their gardens to the public.
The event comprises three areas: the Hanafuru Area in the city of Eniwa, the Kawamachi Area along the adjacent Izari River, and the Machinaka Area in the Megumino district, where gardening flourishes.
Of these areas, the central lawn plaza in the Hanafuru Area features a large-scale flowerbed that will be open only during the period of the fair, and visitors are able to enjoy the colors of the flowers from the central footpath and three photo spots. Around the plaza, approximately 90 hanging baskets and container-based items submitted by members of the public from throughout Hokkaido and beyond are displayed under the theme of ‘decorative flowers of happiness,’ and the seven permanent gardens designed by famous gardeners in the prefecture have reached their peak viewing period.

 In the Kawamachi Area, there are 35 gardens with exhibits by companies and organizations from throughout Hokkaido and beyond. The large flowerbed planted by approximately 500 locals is colored by the pale hues of approximately 20,000 plants, including verbena and spider plants (cleome hassleraina).

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