【EASTERN HOKKAIDO BUS TRIP 】(1)SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Train


Wintertime in Eastern Hokkaido is packed with amazing scenery and experiences not available elsewhere in Japan, like drift ice, art made from snow and ice, and the ice horizon expanse.
The “East Hokkaido Express Bus” is a seasonal bus that travels to all sorts of tourist spots in wintertime Eastern Hokkaido. It gives you easy access to famous spots difficult to reach by car.
Visit Eastern Hokkaido aboard buses in search of amazing experiences only available there!

  SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen (SL Winter Marshland Train) is a special sightseeing train that runs between Kushiro and Shibecha. Smoke billows from the train as it departs from Kushiro Station. It crosses the Kushiro River, and as it leaves the town, the pure white Kushiro marshlands expand before the eye. At the midway Kayanuma Station, many red-crowned cranes welcome the passengers.
  At the last stop, Shibecha Station, passengers can enjoy the special treat of being able to see the steam locomotive train turn-around process and car-connection process that takes place up until the train is turned around for the return trip. The train car interior provides heartwarming hospitality for travelers, with features like warming and eating dried squid on an old fashioned “daruma” stove heater.
  Racing across silver-white snow fields, the only steam locomotive train in all of Hokkaido continues to attract droves of tourists and railroad fans.

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Shibecha Station