Wintertime in Eastern Hokkaido is packed with amazing scenery and experiences not available elsewhere in Japan, like drift ice, art made from snow and ice, and the ice horizon expanse.
The “East Hokkaido Express Bus” is a seasonal bus that travels to all sorts of tourist spots in wintertime Eastern Hokkaido. It gives you easy access to famous spots difficult to reach by car.
Visit Eastern Hokkaido aboard buses in search of amazing experiences only available there!

  The sight of glimmering ice clusters shining in the morning sun after being washed ashore on the wintertime Otsu Beach is called “jewelry ice”, and it enchants visitors. The process of creating jewelry ice is thought to start when warm air and rising tides break apart the ice layer of the Tokachi River, which has frozen from the cold. The broken clusters of ice most probably flow into the ocean offing to be polished by seawater, and then deposited on the beach.
  Jewelry ice was even introduced in the American Newspaper New York Times as, “A rare phenomenon not usually found elsewhere in the world.” But the actual mechanics behind how it forms has still not been explained scientifically, and the conditions that produce it are still unknown. The sight of early morning ice changing color from moment to moment is popular, but beautiful ice clusters in the afternoon is also a wonderful sight to behold.

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Otsu Beach