【EASTERN HOKKAIDO BUS TRIP】(3)Banei Sled Horse Racing


Wintertime in Eastern Hokkaido is packed with amazing scenery and experiences not available elsewhere in Japan, like drift ice, art made from snow and ice, and the ice horizon expanse.
The “East Hokkaido Express Bus” is a seasonal bus that travels to all sorts of tourist spots in wintertime Eastern Hokkaido. It gives you easy access to famous spots difficult to reach by car.
Visit Eastern Hokkaido aboard buses in search of amazing experiences only available there!

Horses weighing over a ton pull iron sleds and vie for power and speed along a straight runway: this is the only place in the world where banei sled horse racing can be seen. Horses used in farming during the settlement era of Hokkaido now carry the role of the modern race horse, where they excite crowds today as a Hokkaido tradition.

At the Obihiro racecourse, banei horse training does not stop even in the harshest winter months. In the freezing air of minus 20 degrees Celsius, the white air vapor from horses breathing and the rising steam weave a magical scene.

In normal years, wintertime facility tours are held every Sunday. Horse training in the intense cold season can be seen up to the end of March, and the tours are so popular, they are always full. Numerous tourists also visit from outside of Hokkaido.

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Obihiro racecourse