Wintertime in Eastern Hokkaido is packed with amazing scenery and experiences not available elsewhere in Japan, like drift ice, art made from snow and ice, and the ice horizon expanse.
The “East Hokkaido Express Bus” is a seasonal bus that travels to all sorts of tourist spots in wintertime Eastern Hokkaido. It gives you easy access to famous spots difficult to reach by car.
Visit Eastern Hokkaido aboard buses in search of amazing experiences only available there!

Drift ice extends all the way to the horizon line at the Utoro beach in Shari Town. Following a guide, visitors clad in colorful dry suits walk slowly atop the drift ice. The “Drift Ice Walk” has been an activity tourism feature here for about two decades now.

Drift Ice Walk operators survey courses in advance and implement thorough safety measures. At first, participants tread slowly, fearful of falling into the ocean. But after a while, they gradually become emboldened and start to enjoy themselves, walking at their own natural pace.

The most amazing part is the underwater experience where participants can get right in the ocean. This is the ultimate in activity tourism opportunities that will amaze every kind of tourist.

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Utoro port