Wintertime in Eastern Hokkaido is packed with amazing scenery and experiences not available elsewhere in Japan, like drift ice, art made from snow and ice, and the ice horizon expanse.
The “East Hokkaido Express Bus” is a seasonal bus that travels to all sorts of tourist spots in wintertime Eastern Hokkaido. It gives you easy access to famous spots difficult to reach by car.
Visit Eastern Hokkaido aboard buses in search of amazing experiences only available there!

In the waters of Abashiri, the drift ice has faded away and the start of springtime is signaled by the commencement of longline broadbanded thornyhead fishing. In longline broadbanded thornyhead fishing, each fish is reeled in from a line fitted with bait like the Pacific saury fish. This method does not injure the fish, resulting in a catch that looks beautiful and is wonderfully fresh.

The development of “Tsuri Kinki” (longline broadbanded thornyhead) as a brand started in 2000 through the Abashiri Fisheries Cooperative. Most of the broadbanded thornyhead harvest is shipped by plane outside of Hokkaido, but it is also served at restaurants around the city of Abashiri as well. It is deliciously juicy for a white fish, and does not have a fishy odor.

The Abashiri style is to put Worcestershire sauce atop “yuni”, which is broadbanded thornyhead simply simmered in water. Broadbanded thornyhead fishing is conducted year round except for January to March, when waters are closed off by drift ice.

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Abashiri Fisheries Cooperative