Photo Studio with Guesthouse Opens

Mr. & Mrs. Koshiyama at their renovated photo studio

Shinji Koshiyama, a 60-year-old former Hokkaido police officer who reached retirement age this spring, opened “IKUMIN”, an establishment in Sapporo’s Higashi-ward that combines a photo studio with private lodging for guests. “We wish to host a wide range of people,” he said enthusiastically.

IKUMIN has two floors. The photo studio is on the first floor and has a total of 60 kimono and samurai costumes etc., which have been prepared for the expected foreign tourists. The second floor has 3 guest rooms for those who need accommodations.

Mr. Koshiyama served at various posts including the chief of the Shari Police Station where the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage site is located. Even during his tenure as a police officer, he devoted himself as a photography enthusiast to taking photos of wild birds and natural sceneries. He decided to open this business because he thought, “When I retire, I want a job that will widen my interaction with people while having fun.”
He named the establishment “IKUMIN” after his wife, Ikumi.

Reservations for private accommodation are available via “Air bnb”. A one night stay without meals is 3,000 yen and up per person.