Piste grooming vehicle rides at Tenguyama Ski resort in Otaru

A piste grooming vehicle that can be ridden to the summit, where the nighttime views can be enjoyed

Tours to experience riding in a piste grooming vehicle have been started by Chuo Bus Kanko Kaihatsu (tourism development) Co., Ltd., which runs the Otaru Tenguyama ski resort in Sapporo’s neighboring city of Otaru. This season, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, nighttime skiing and weekday ropeway operations have been halted, and the tours have been planned with the aim of enabling visitors to enjoy the nighttime views of the port from the slopes.

 This is the first time the general public have been allowed to ride the piste grooming vehicles. Participants sit in the passenger seat as the vehicle heads up the mountain towards the ropeway’s summit station, and take commemorative photos, while also enjoying a hot drink and original sweets. The journey up the piste and back down again takes approximately 45 minutes. According to the person responsible for the tours, “It’s a tour that can be enjoyed now, because of the pandemic.”

 Chuo Bus Kanko Kaihatsu (tourism development) Co., Ltd. has two piste grooming vehicles, and each one carries one passenger. The vehicles depart at 5:30 and 6:30 each evening, carrying a maximum of 4 passengers per day. The fee is 11,000 yen per person.

 Tours will operate every day until March 21.


Otaru Tenguyama ski resort