Pokémon airplane makes surprise appearance in Obihiro

The “Rokon Jet Hokkaido” airplane (“Rokon” is the Japanese name for Vulpix), decorated with characters from the popular “Pokémon Pocket Monsters” game, made an appearance at Obihiro Airport on December 2. The plane is a new specially decorated aircraft that Air Do put into circulation only recently on December 1, and the airline decided to surprise Obihiro Sanjo High School students by secretly providing it as a charter plane for their school field trip.

This airplane decorated with the fox-themed characters “Alolan Vulpix” (Japanese: Alolan Rokon) and “Vulpix” (Japanese: Rokon) is a Boeing 767 (270 seats), and is slated to connect the three Hokkaido airports of New Chitose, Asahikawa, and Hakodate with Haneda for the next five years. Because the regular Obihiro-Haneda flight uses a Boeing 737 (144 seats), there will reportedly be almost no other opportunities for the Rokon Jet to appear at Obihiro Airport in the future.

On the field trip day, 252 second-year Obihiro Sanjo High School students and teachers boarded the plane and headed towards Hiroshima Airport. The return route from Kobe Airport will also be aboard the Rokon Jet, with arrival at Obihiro Airport scheduled at 5:45 p.m. on December 5.

The "Rokon Jet Hokkaido" appears for the first time at Obihiro Airport.


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