Popular cold-weather proof Tsurui campsite, with gear rental options

The "Tsuru no Sato Camp Field" featuring tents equipped with heaters and chimneys
A rental tent equipped with cold weather gear like a heater and mat. Enjoy camping without bringing your own equipment.

A campsite that offers overnight camping even in the winter opened in December in Tsurui Village, in the Eastern Hokkaido Kushiro region. It is garnering popularity among photography enthusiasts who come to see red-crowned cranes and “solo-campers” enjoying time alone amidst nature. The campsite is originally a privately owned park golf course that changed its service format due to a lack of business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its selling point is being able to thoroughly enjoy nature and relax without worrying about being infected on a 3.5-hectare expansive vista where red-crowned cranes fly overhead.

Welcome to “Tsuru no Sato Camp Field”. It is only five minutes by car from the popular red-crowned crane photo spot at Otowa Bridge, and red-crowned cranes sometimes swoop down and land here. The rising and setting sun is visible between the trees, and the grounds feature an astronomical telescope for watching the night sky. An all-inclusive camping option is available, including cold weather items such as heaters and pre-pitched tent rental so campers do not have to bring or prepare anything themselves.

The site is managed by grass lawn landscaping and sales company “Kai Kenpan”, and the site was originally a grass growing field. Because grass orders decreased with the reduction in public work projects, in 2007 the company switched the area to a park golf course. The high quality golfing grass course was popular, but users declined dramatically with the COVID-19 pandemic. It was closed in June 2021.

Afterwards, numerous requests came from campers to “let us put up tents” on the site. When Kai Kenpan ran a trial campsite test in September, feedback was positive with comments such as, “The area is spacious, so there are no people close around you to worry about.” Users requested a winter camping option, saying, “There are not many campsites usable in winter in Eastern Hokkaido,” so Kai Kenpan added an indoor cooking area and flushing toilets. The winter campsite opened on December 1. On busy days, over 20 camper groups stay in tents.

A Kitami city company employee who stayed overnight on December 18 in a tent equipped with cold weather items like a wood stove and bed enjoyed a shabu-shabu hotpot and relaxed. The camper commented, “The setting sun and starry sky were amazing. And there is no risk of infection. I want to welcome the New Year here,” and laughed. Kai Kenpan President Odagiri Mamoru expressed his excitement, “We want to take advantage of this crisis, turn it into a new opportunity, and transform the campsite into a Tsurui tourist hub.

One night is 1,500 yen for adults and high school age children (including parking) and 750 yen for elementary and junior high school age children. An additional charge of around 7,000 yen is required to rent everything, for campers who do not bring any equipment. The camp is available every day, except during the snow melting season. To make a reservation, go to the Tsuru no Sato Camp Field website at https://www.facebook.com/campfield0209/.


Tsuru no Sato Camp Field