Prayers to kamuy at Akanko Onsen for an end to covid-19

“Prayers to Kamuy – Kamuy Kooripak,” the first event to pray for an end to covid-19 and express gratitude to medical workers, began in the Akanko Onsen area in Akan-cho, Kushiro City on August 1.

Kamuy Kooripak means “humbleness to kamuy (the gods)” in the Ainu language. At 8:00 p.m., 90 participants departed the Akan lakeside on a pleasure boat and threw plastic balls containing blue lightbulbs representing gratitude to medical workers into the lake. After getting off the boat, the participants marched through the hot spring resort holding torches to ward off evil, and then held the “kamuynomi” ritual to pray to the gods. The event will be held every day until November 8.


Akanko Onsen