Projection of Images in Momijidani, Sounkyo

Images of autumn foliage that appeared in Momijidani, Sounkyo

‘Miracle Illuminations 3’, an event featuring floodlit autumn foliage is being held in Momijidani, near the spa town of Sounkyo Onsen in Northern Hokkaido. Interactive projection mapping also appears at the venue, with images of fallen leaves that move in line with the movement of visitors, creating a mysterious mood.
 Momijidani is a 76m-long footpath along a ravine on the eastern side of the spa town. This year sees the 3rd such event, with the autumn leaves of the trees near the entrance lit up by approximately 50 banks of LEDs.
 The interactive projection mapping is implemented in the adjacent Momijidani-danchi Parking Lot (approx. 240 m2). When the images of the fallen red and yellow leaves projected onto the ground are walked on or brushed away, they move, prompting one man who had visited with friends to comment “It’s strange how the images move in line with our movements – it’s very beautiful”.