Refreshing mountain-stream climbing amid the heat

Climbers enjoyed the expansive natural surroundings while being soaked in sun rays and water as they ascended the steep stream on Mt. Nozuka-dake (1,353 m), which straddles the towns of Urakawa and Hiroo in the Hidaka region of central Hokkaido.

Three parties comprising a total of 18 members of the Obihiro Workers’ Alpine Club ascended the Niobetsu River from the Urakawa side on July 3. Every summer, the group conducts ‘mountain stream training’ in order to confirm the skills of the climbers and provide training for novice members.
The headwaters of the Niobetsu River, on the southwestern face of Mt. Nozuka-dake, form a series of waterfalls as the stream flows over rocks on the slope, which has an average gradient of 45 degrees. The climbers scrambled over the rocks being splashed by the water, and up the slopes, covered with vegetation and shrubs on both sides of the waterfalls, as they aimed for the summit.

Mr. Ishii, a group sub-leader, said, “Following the stream up to the peak is a distinctive climbing experience in the Hidaka Mountains, and climbing amid the waterfalls is so refreshing. Every summer, I look forward to climbing the mountain stream.”

The Tokachi Subprefecture Promotion Bureau asks that climbers “check the weather in advance to be aware of the possibility of rising water levels, plan according to their ability, and are accompanied by an experienced climber.”

A party climbing the rocks by a waterfall on the rugged terrain. Approx. 8:30 a.m. on July 3, Urakawa
Waterfalls keep appearing. Members scramble over the rocks that are relatively easy to climb
Climbers follow the stream of the Niobetsu River, which forms the steep terrain, and are engulfed by mist as they enter the clouds near the summit


Mt. Nozuka-dake