Refreshing sauna and delicious oysters at Lake Akkeshi lakeside! New service to be commercialized within year

With the goal of making the outdoor sauna a new Akkeshi hallmark, the Akkeshi located private sector organization “Rokuseikai” held a test “Oysters & Sauna” event at the lakeside of Lake Akkeshi on March 12. A tent sauna was set up atop the frozen lake, and participants enjoyed cooling down in a cold water bath after heating in the sauna, and eating locally sourced oysters. Rokuseikai plans to partner with accommodation facilities in town and commercialize this project within the year.

A folding tent sauna measuring two meters in length, width, and height was set up amidst whooper swans and Steller’s sea eagles atop the lake. A wood stove was placed inside the tent to provide the Finnish style “löyly” sauna experience.

Ten participants from the city of Kushiro and the town of Akkeshi ranging in age from the teenage age group to the 50-60 year old age group took turns in the sauna. The sauna steam is generated by pouring eucalyptus or Sakhalin fir scented water on the rocks atop the stove. The participants enjoyed sweating profusely in tent temperatures near 100 degrees Celsius.

A cold water bath was created in front of the tent by cutting a 1.6-meter-long by 1.3-meter-wide opening in the lake ice. Participants emerged steaming from the sauna, immersed themselves in the cold water up to their heads, and shouted, “Ah, this feels so good.” Nearby, Rokuseikai oyster fishermen grilled oysters in the shell and served them continually to the participants.

A female high school student participant from Kushiro smiled and said, “This was my first time in a sauna, and it felt really good.” A male participant with five years of sauna experience was thrilled, saying, “Oysters and beer after the cold water bath were delicious.” The Rokuseikai Chairperson, who also enjoyed the sauna, expressed enthusiasm, remarking, “I want this to be a famous hallmark of Akkeshi.”


Akkeshi Lake