‘Sairinka’ event begins at Tokachigawa Onsen

The colorful lights of ‘Sairinka’

‘Sairinka’, an event in which nighttime snowfields are colored with light and sound, began at Tokachigaoka Park in Tokachigawa Onsen (in the town of Otofuke next to Obihiro in eastern Hokkaido) on January 23. Due to the spread of coronavirus infections, visitors are obliged to undergo temperature checks at the entrance, and the scale of the event was has been reduced, with some parts cancelled. 

Snowy fields lined with several hundred spherical and cone-shaped objects are lit up in time with music. To prevent further spread of the virus, visitors are obliged to wear a mask and, after sanitizing their hands, have their temperatures checked by a member of staff. A stamp rally and snow candles that were scheduled to be held at the event, have been cancelled. According to the organizing committee, “In order to reduce the chance of contact, the number of staff members has been reduced. We recommend weekdays, when it’s less crowded, and you can take your time to look around.”

 On the first day, families and couples could be seen viewing the spectacle while exhaling white breath amid the cold night air. A company employee, who visited the site with his family, said “It’s fantastic and beautiful. There are only a few events taking place due to the coronavirus, so we’re happy that it’s being held”. ‘Sairinka’ will be held until February 21; admission is free.


Tokachigaoka Park