Sapporo City and Fuji Dream Airlines signed partnership agreement

The Okadama Airport where FDA airplanes arrive and depart

Sapporo City signed a partnership agreement with Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA, Shizuoka City) on September 3 related to tourism, industry, and disaster prevention cooperation in times of emergencies. FDA will offer Sapporo tourism information and will also cooperate in transporting relief supplies in disasters.
This is the second time Sapporo City has signed a partnership agreement with an airline following the partnership with AIRDO (Sapporo) in 2015. Under the agreement, FDA will engage in the following four activities: (1) promote tourism using airline magazines and websites, (2) use food and souvenirs from Sapporo for their inflight services, (3) cooperate by shipping supplies and transporting people in times of disaster, and (4) promote the use of the Okadama Airport.
FDA currently operates flights between Okadama and Shizuoka and between Okadama and Matsumoto (Nagano prefecture) seasonally and operates between Shin Chitose and Yamagata and between Shin Chitose and Matsumoto all year long.


Okadama Airport