See drift ice scenery online. "On the Rocks Tour" starts in February.

Suganomata promoting online tours

Amidst the decrease in tourism demand from the novel coronavirus pandemic, nature guide company “Shiretoko Kiyosatocho Ueneusal Midori” has decided to launch an online tour based on the drift ice that flows up to the shore of the northeastern Hokkaido’s Shiretoko Peninsula, a registered World Natural Heritage Site. Company representative Suganomata Yasuhiko (50) highlights the fun of the tour, saying, “We want participants to enjoy that exciting feeling of traveling casually in their own homes.”

For online tours, pre-recorded video footage of the tour is shared with participants on the tour day via the video chat meeting system Zoom. Suganomata joins in live from his office and acts as a guide.

The unique feature of the “Drift Ice on the Rocks Tour” starting in February is the drift ice Suganomata sends to participants before the tour day. This is drift ice flowing on the Sea of Okhotsk that he has collected. Participants can actually touch real drift ice during the tour as well as put it in an alcoholic beverage and join in an online toast. While watching the video footage, participants hear explanations about things like the role of the drift ice.

In addition to this tour, Shiretoko Kiyosatocho Ueneusal Midori also offers the “Shiretoko History Tour”, which spotlights the natural environment and wild animals of Shiretoko. Participants of this tour are pre-sent “Raiun Water” from a spring near Raiun Shrine, which is renowned as a power spot in Shiretoko’s Shari Town.

Both the “Drift Ice on the Rocks Tour” and “Shiretoko History Tour” are about 90 minutes. The minimum number of participants is 2 people, and the maximum is 30 people.

The tour fee is 4,000 yen per person for the “Drift Ice on the Rocks Tour” and 3,800 yen per person for the “Shiretoko History Tour”.


Shiretoko Kiyosatocho Ueneusal Midori