Seeing out the old year amid the extreme cold of the ‘northernmost point’ – Cape Soya

Tourists take commemorative snaps in front to the ‘Northernmost Point in Japan monument’ amid snow and strong winds. January 1

From the end of last year to New Year’s Day, the ‘northernmost point of Japan’ at Cape Soya in the city of Wakkanai in Northern Hokkaido was visited by tourists welcoming in the new year. However, due to the effects of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the number of visitors was only one tenth of that of normal years. 

The temperature at the cape at midnight on the 1st was minus 7.3 degrees. After taking part in a New Year countdown in the vicinity of the ‘Northernmost Point in Japan Monument’, dozens of tourists from within Hokkaido and beyond enjoyed taking photos and celebrating the New Year.

“We took up the challenge of getting to Cape Soya by means of hitchhiking and the like. It took several days but it’s a great sense of achievement,” said three university student friends visiting from Tokyo.

Despite snow and strong winds, approximately 20 tents were pitched at the site, and many people spent the night there.

A high-school student spent 3 days travelling by bicycle from the city of Ashibetsu over 200 km away. “I slept wearing a gown and the like to keep warm. I just hope the tent doesn’t collapse in the wind …” he said with a bitter smile.


Northernmost Point in Japan monument