Sightseeing boat crushes ice at Lake Akan

Eastern Hokkaido’s Lake Akan was covered with ice during the winter. Ice crushing work using a sightseeing boat began there on April 16. The goal is to free up boat routes for the spring sightseeing season. Every time the sightseeing boat made its way through the lake, crushed ice glimmered in the spring sunlight.

The Akan area has enjoyed warm days from March onward, and the ice thickness on April 16 was about 20 centimeters, less than half of the thickness in most years. As the Akan Sightseeing Cruise Company “Mashumaru” sightseeing boat progressed through the lake, chunks of crushed ice hit each other and produced a resonant ringing sound.

Sightseeing boat "Mashumaru" crushes ice as it moves through Lake Akan (10:25 a.m. April 16)


Sightseeing boat "Mashumaru"