Special "e-sports" hotel opened in Sapporo on March 1

Racing game equipment on the e-sports floor

“Villa Koshido Odori” (Chuo-ku, Sapporo) is a new hotel which provides e-sports facilities where players can compete over computer game skills. It is now complete, and was opened for private viewing among related individuals on February 24. It is equipped with the same equipment used by professional e-sport competitors, and opened on March 1.

The hotel is the third hotel in Sapporo constructed by real estate agency Koshido (Sapporo). It is a six-story reinforced concrete building with 12 rooms total (2-16 person guest limit). The total floor space is approximately 880 square meters. The total operating cost is approximately 600 million yen.

The major attraction is the 2nd floor “E-sports Floor” equipped with ten cutting edge, high-performance computers, controllers for racing games, and other equipment. The facilities are open to hotel guests, and were also designed to be used for events as well.

Koshido also manages a professional e-sports team. In opening remarks at the private viewing, President Sato Motoharu said, “I want to make Sapporo into a sacred place for e-sports.”


Villa Koshido Odori