Special train "Sanshi-Suimei " welcomed by Furano residents

Furano residents greeting the "Sanshi-Suimei" train at Furano Station

On October 10, JR Hokkaido conducted a round-trip tour between Asahikawa and Furano on the JR Furano Line with the special train “Sanshi-Suimei”. At the destination stop in Furano Station, Furano Tourism Association volunteers and Furano residents welcomed the forty passengers by waving flags.
In October of last year, Furano Line initiated its first tour with the purple “Shisui” train. In commemoration of 120 years since the entire line opened for service, for this year’s tour Furano Line attached the green “Sanmei” train to the purple “Shisui” train for a collaborative tour using both cars to form the “Sanshi-Suimei” train.
Sanshi-Suimei departed from Asahikawa Station at 10:00 am, made brief stops at Kami-Furano Station and Naka-Furano Station, and arrived at Furano Station at 11:30 am. The passengers strolled around the Furano Station area.
Sanshi-Suimei then departed from Furano Station at 1:35 pm and returned to Asahikawa Station. The train offered onboard Furano Wine and lunches from the “Furano Grill” restaurant in Kamifurano Town’s Goto Sumio Museum of Art .
Participants said, “The wood interior had a unified feel and was very beautiful.”


Furano Station