Star shape bursts into light across the ground at the Hakodate Goryokaku Remains

A combination of illumination from the decorative lights adorning the exterior moat and a firework display amazes onlookers together at Goryokaku Remains.

This year’s installment has started for the annual tradition “Hoshi no Yume” (Dream of Stars) event, which lights up the nationally designated special historic site Goryokaku Remains in the city of Hakodate. On the evening of December 4, a commemorative firework show was held. When the decorative lights were turned on, a giant star shape made of light shone across the area, welcoming tourists together with the fireworks that brilliantly lit the night sky.

This year is the 32nd installment. Starting on December 1, approximately two thousand LED lightbulbs line the 1.8-kilometer exterior moat surrounding Goryokaku Park. On December 4, approximately 400 fireworks were launched starting at 4:45 p.m. to announce the commencement of illumination. City residents and tourists packed in Goryokaku Tower applauded.

A young boy from Asahikawa visiting the Tower with his family was thrilled, saying, “I have never seen fireworks from above before. The star shaped light was also very beautiful.”

The illumination will last until February 28, 2022. During the illumination period, lights will be on from sunset until 8:00 p.m.


Hakodate Goryokaku Remains