Stream walking to waterfall in Shiraoi River

On October 14th, a stream-walking and autumn foliage viewing tour to Shiraoi Falls, one of the ‘three famous waterfalls of Shiraoi’ was held in the Shiraoi River which flows through the town of Shiraoi in central Hokkaido. Participants enjoyed the changing autumn scenery as they walked slowly along the beautiful ‘green tuff’ riverbed formed by the accumulation of volcanic ash.

According to Mr. Okamura, host of Niseko Ambitious (Niseko, Shiribeshi region), who implemented the tour for overnight guests, the green tuff is a mysterious rock that does not become slippery even when wet. It is said that it is rare in Japan to be able to walk in a stream where the rock is exposed. “If you go with the correct equipment and a guide or someone who knows the route, it is recommended for novice stream walkers,” he said. A man from Tokyo who participated in the tour said, “The scenery along the river and the intensity of the waterfall were wonderful.” The best time to view the autumn foliage was expected to continue until late October.

The approx. 40 m-high Shiraoi Falls. The contrast between the surrounding autumn foliage and emerald green plunge pool is beautiful.


Waterfalls of Shiraoi