Student-guided Hokkaido University tours popular, Spotlight on micro-tourism

Tour participants exploring the campus with guidance from a Hokkaido University student guide

Hokkaido University campus tours guided by university students have started this autumn. Hokkaido University and Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc. (Sapporo) organized this project in an effort to inspire local residents to rediscover the amazing aspects of their own region. Amidst the recent spotlight on micro-tourism (short trips to nearby places) due to the expansion of novel coronavirus spreading, popularity amidst local customers is intensifying.
Hokkaido University’s vision was for tour participants to enjoy strolling together with a guide amidst the numerous historical architectural structures that still remain on the campus, and develop a closer relationship with the University. To this end, they reached out to the Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc. and actualized the tour program. This is the first time Hokkaido University has teamed with a travel agency to offer a paid tour.
The tour is three hours. In addition to popular spots like Poplar Avenue and the statue of Doctor William S. Clark, a personage who left a large imprint on the history of Hokkaido University, the tour also introduces lesser-known areas like the old library and the statue of Shosuke Sato, the first president of Hokkaido Imperial University (the previous incarnation of Hokkaido University). At the Hokkaido University Museum, participants can see the backyard area, including the museum archives.
The tour course and explanations were designed by nine Hokkaido University tour guide students from first to third year, through a process in which the students brought in and shared information. One of the students reported, “I learned about the history and culture of Hokkaido University in the process of creating the tour course, and it was very interesting.”


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