Summertime delicacy ‘Water Shield’ leaves now in Season

At the Junsainuma Swamp in Onuma Park located in southern Hokkaido’s Nanae Town, a summer vegetable called ‘water shield’ with a pleasantly viscous texture is in its peak harvest season.
The open season started in late June. On July 3, members of Onuma Fisherman’s Cooperative Association lay on their stomachs on small boats and gently picked up 3-5 cm of water shields with their hands.
According to the Association, this year’s newly-picked sprouts were excellent and the harvest is expected to be around 2 tons, almost the same as an average year. The harvesting will continue until mid-August. Water shields will be shipped to restaurants in Hokkaido, and salted water shield will be sold at local roadside stations as well.


Junsainuma Swamp