Taiwanese Xie Jiaqi advertises wonderfulness of Wakanai from foreign perspective

Community revitalization collaboration team member Xie, working at the Wakkanai Tourism Association

Xie Jiaqi from Taiwan was hired to the first community revitalization collaboration team for Wakkanai City in northern Hokkaido. She is in charge of readying projects in preparation for after the novel coronavirus pandemic has ended, such as offering ideas for tours for international tourists (inbound tourism ideas). She works for the Wakkanai Tourism Association , and as one of her activities as a collaboration team member, she started uploading posts about how she herself lives in the city on the Facebook social media site for people in Taiwan.
When Xie previously worked for an insurance company, she traveled for six days in Hokkaido in March, 2016. She was mesmerized by the snow scenery and food, such as the seafood dishes, and decided to try moving to and living in Japan. She left her company and obtained a working holiday and working visa to work at hotels in different parts of Japan. She also learned Japanese, and last year, she passed the second level of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test.
She named the Facebook page “The life of a Taiwanese person living in northernmost Hokkaido”. She will be posting about the wonderful things she comes across in her life in Wakkanai City, making the most use of her “international point of view.”
Xie is eager to, “Dig up the good points of Wakkanai City that are not apparent to local residents and inspire Taiwanese people to come visit.”


Wakkanai Tourism Association