The “Hokkaido Love!” campaign

On June 17, the Hokkaido Government, the Hokkaido Tourism Organization, and the operator of seven Hokkaido-based airports, Hokkaido Airports Co., Ltd., announced the joint development of their new “Hokkaido Love!” campaign. The campaign aims to attract overseas tourists back to Hokkaido following the sharp drop in visitors from abroad due to the current novel coronavirus pandemic.
The project’s creators are unfurling the campaign’s endearing logo based on inspiration from the highly-successful American “I ♥ NY” campaign.

The goal of the new campaign is to boost visits by foreign tourists as quickly as possible once the current pandemic subsides. The announcement of the campaign’s initiation was made at a joint press conference attended by the heads of the project’s three cooperating organizations. At the conference, Hokkaido Governor Naomichi Suzuki said, “We want to take the lead throughout the country and use this campaign to express love abroad from the people of Hokkaido.”