Timetable Open Data Expected to Help Increase Tourist Numbers

Buses heading into Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

Hokkaido Tourism Organization is currently opening-up data concerning timetables and the like for secondary transportation such as buses and ferries in Hokkaido. As data increases and transportation networks offered by Internet route-search sites improve, more convenient movement is expected to lead to an increase in the number of tourists. The organization is calling for the cooperation of transportation providers, via explanatory meetings held in each region.
 The open data the organization is asking to be provided will be gathered in the form of timetables, bus stop locations, fares and the like, all in line with international-standard “GTFS” format. Providers are asked to create their own data, which will then be registered on a “Hokkaido Open Data Platform” on which Hokkaido information will be gathered. The information on the platform will then be reflected in the search systems of route-search operators in Japan and overseas.