Tourism promotion centered around Wakkanai Airport, Monitor tour by Hokkaido Airports and Otaru University of Commerce

A tour participant listening to an explanation about holes made in tree trunks by great spotted woodpeckers at the Sarobetsu Primeval Flower Garden

Monitor tours exploring the potential for Northern Hokkaido tourism promotion using Northern Hokkaido’s Wakkanai Airport started on March 23. As part of joint research conducted by Hokkaido Airports (HAP, Chitose) and the Otaru University of Commerce, 17 female participants from locations including Sapporo and Tokyo stayed at a Toyotomi hot spring in Soya region’s town of Toyotomi until March 25 and experienced activities such as nature walks and teleworking.

Joint research promoter Professor Kishimoto Minoru from the Otaru University of Commerce commented, “We want to create exciting Northern Hokkaido tourism options combining adventure travel, the Toyotomi hot spring, and sports tourism.” The plan is to compile overall research results within FY 2021.

After the group arrived at the Wakkanai Airport on March 23, they enjoyed activities including a snowshoe walk through the snow-covered Sarobetsu Primeval Flower Garden and a chance to see the Toyotomi hot spring natural gas fields. After arriving at the Toyotomi hot spring, they tasted local sweets.

A female tour participant in her 20s commented, “Being able to relax at the hot spring helps intensify my ability to focus at work. I’m also looking forward to sharing information back and forth with other participants.”


Sarobetsu Primeval Flower Garden