Tourist train "Fuyuno Shitsugen" renovated, new improved view

On January 13, JR Hokkaido offered a test ride for “SL Fuyuno Shitsugen” (SL Winter Wetlands Train), which runs between Kushiro and Shibecha on the JR Senmo Line. JR Hokkaido hosted members of the press on passenger cars dubbed Tancho Cars that have been renovated and now feature an even better view from the windows.

In the five-car train, cars No. 1 and 5 are Tancho Cars. Each Tancho Car has 36 seats, with the seating format remodeled to fit counter seats on the river-facing side and box seating raised approximately 10 centimeters higher on the mountain-facing side. Passengers can now enjoy views of natural scenery like Kushiro River and the Kushiro Wetlands from their seats. Some walkway car windows have been enlarged, and a viewing walkway has also been added. The interior design emphasizes a wood-rich theme, and the crimson seating features red-crowned cranes and Yezo sika deer patterns.

From the counter seating, press passengers photographed the wildlife unique to Eastern Hokkaido, such as red-crowned cranes walking the snow plains and Steller’s sea eagles flying through the sky. Other cars featured on-board sales and the winter traditional scene of cooking dried squid atop a “daruma stove” heater.

One round-trip is available per day. Service for this year will include a total of 33 days from January 22 to March 21. That is an increase of 12 days from last year. Both a boarding ticket and a seat reservation ticket are required for boarding, and the seat reservation fee is two times higher than previous at 1,680 yen.

Press passengers riding on the test run for the "Tancho Car" with an improved view of scenery like the Kushiro Wetlands


Shibecha Station