Toyama tourism has great potential. Travel industry and farmer partnership. Minami-ku, Sapporo

Mock wedding ceremony performed atop ice amidst a magical atmosphere

In February, travel companies and hotels facing difficulties due to the novel coronavirus partnered with fruit field farmers in the Toyama area of Minami-ku in the city of Sapporo to offer a monitor tour in which participants get to enjoy activities including making “igloo” huts by piling up bricks of snow and ice.

The Toyama area monitor tour was organized by the “Active Village Toyama Executive Committee”. The committee is composed of nine members, including Jumbo Tours (Naha, Okinawa Prefecture), which has a branch office in Sapporo, major hotels with locations in and outside of Hokkaido, and local fruit field farmers. Under the name TOYAMA Plan, the committee invited approximately one hundred students from Sapporo as monitors on February 17 and dazzled them with a menu of approximately ten activities, including igloo building and chances to experience indigenous Ainu culture.

The main attraction was an “ice carousel” made by cutting a 15 meter diameter circle in the thick pond ice cover and rotating the circle. Participants got to have fun spinning the circle around themselves and also watched a traditional Ainu dance performed on the slowly rotating ice. In the evening, the participants were thrilled by a performance of a mock wedding ceremony on the ice amidst ice candle light, and called it “magical”.

Traditional Ainu dance performed on a 15-meter-diameter ice carousel


Toyama area