UK ornithologist in Teshikaga publishes guidebook for foreigners introducing the nature of eastern Hokkaido in English

“I want the whole world to know about eastern Hokkaido’s magnificent nature,” says Dr. Brazil.

‘Wild Hokkaido,’ an English-language guidebook aimed at overseas tourists, written by Dr. Mark Brazil, a British-born ornithologist who resides in the town of Teshikaga, has been published by The Hokkaido Shimbun Press. The book introduces the fauna, flora and culture of three national parks and two quasi-national parks, including the Akan-Mashu National Park, with the help of many photographs.

Dr. Brazil came to Japan in 1998 and was a professor at Rakuno Gakuen University (Ebetsu) before moving to the town of Teshikaga in 2018. He currently works as an advisor for nature programs broadcast by the BBC, and as an eco-tourism consultant.

The guidebook is an A5-size, all-color, 180-page publication comprising 8 chapters, introducing the characteristics of the national and quasi-national parks as well as the fauna, flora, landscapes and culture of eastern Hokkaido in detail. Photographs include many taken by Brazil himself, as well as aerial and drone shots taken by friends.

The cover, which features a photo of Lake Mashu – described by Dr. Brazil as “the one I like the most in the world” – is finished in vinyl, making it easier to carry around outdoors. Dr. Brazil enjoys life surrounded by nature in Teshikaga, saying “Eastern Hokkaido has some magnificent nature, even by global standards.” The book is available from Hokkaido Shimbun sales offices as well as the Kushiro branch of the Coach & Four bookstore, for 2,700 yen (plus tax).


Lake Mashu