‘Voyage stamp cards’ sold on Wakkanai-Rishiri/Rebun ferry route

The voyage stamp card sold at the Wakkanai Port Ferry Terminal kiosk

Heart Land Ferry (Sapporo), which operates the Wakkanai-Rishiri/Rebun route, has been added to the ‘voyage stamp-rally project’ in which shipping companies throughout Japan participate. The company has begun selling ‘voyage stamp cards’ – based on the image of ‘worship stamps’ available to visitors to temples and shrines – at the kiosk inside the Wakkanai Port Ferry Terminal.

The stamp cards available from Wakkanai Port from the 1st are inscribed with the words “The route to Rishiri/Rebun, Japan’s northernmost islands” and include an image of Mt. Rishiri. Heart Land Ferry also operates the Esashi–Okushiri route, and stamp cards sold at the Esashi Port Ferry Terminal are inscribed with “The route to westernmost Hokkaido, Okushiri” and an image of the island’s famous Nabetsuru Rock.

The voyage stamp cards cost 330 yen each, are only available to ferry passengers, and include the date of the voyage handwritten with a calligraphy brush pen by the shop assistant.

The project began in April with the aim of promoting the use of ferries and revitalizing economies at points of departure and arrival and, as of June 25, currently 54 shipping companies nationwide are taking part. In Hokkaido, these include Shin Nihonkai Ferry (Osaka), which operates the Otaru-Maizuru (Kyoto prefecture) route; and Taiheiyo Ferry (Nagoya), which operates the Tomakomai-Sendai-Nagoya route.

A master’s system has been established with the title of ‘Chief officer’ awarded to collectors of stamp cards from 20 shipping companies, and ‘Captain’ to those who collect stamp cards from 40 companies.


Wakkanai Port Ferry Terminal